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Double Sided Id Card Printers

Double Sided Printers

Double sided ID Card Printers otherwise called dual sided ID card printers are considered as the most paramount part in pretty much all ID Card Systems nowadays. The best part about utilizing it is that they don’t just print the card, however perform very much a couple of different functions in the meantime. For instance, an ID card printer can encode a smart card, a magnetic stripe and a proximity card in the meantime as printing pictures and content, which makes it amazingly alluring.

Yet there are times when expanded design ability and quick speed are amazingly important to an ID card printing project, then in such conditions, a Double Sided Printer is the ideal alternative. They are in much request due to their velocity and fine printing capacities. Thinking of printing ID cards in large quantities as it is in large scale organizations cannot be better realizable than with double sided ID card printers. That apart, double sided ID card printers enable you to print variable information on the flipside of all cards if needed do. There are a plethora of advantages of double sided ID card printers over single sided printers, but time and space wouldn’t permit me to list them exclusively. Below are a few advantages that could persuade you to get one right away if you haven’t got it before.

Advantages of Double Sided ID card Printers

Those who use single-sided printers find it extremely bothersome to flip and reload each and every card manually for the information to be printed on both sides. On the other hand, a double sided Printer can print text, color graphics and any other design component on both sides of a card in a single run, without taking up much time. Double sided ID cards are generally used by large-scale organizations, which wish to add up more and more to their security system, thereby enhancing the security of the entire organization. In fact, double sided ID card printers are the only option for individuals’ and organizations that wish to improve on security and increase productivity.

Another very prominent feature of all double sided printers is their capacity to open up to and embrace new possibilities when it comes to card design. When a double sided ID card printer from any of the top-notch organizations like Evolis, Magicard etc. is used, the design and information elements on the back and front of every single card can be different from each other, without compromising on the time taken up for the printing process. So, if anyone requires printing variable information on both sides of all the cards, then a double sided ID card printer is the perfect option.

Every single leading manufacturer of this industry offers double sided printers. These include, Datacard, Evolis, Magicard, Zebra, and Fargo etc. Depending on the model, a Fargo card printer can also acquire with a built-in laminator, where as a Zebra card printer is the perfect option for those on the lookout for a plastic cards printer.

Using Plastic ID Card Printers and Software to Create High Security ID Cards


Let me assume that everyone reading this article has seen an ID card even if it’s once. ID cards are normally held with a lanyard or in a card holder, and it’s the means of identification in various organizations; including schools, hospitals, and ministries and so on. Whether you are an employee of a private organization or a federal worker, holding an ID card require proper care and maintenance. Nowadays dedicated companies have been able to produce ID cards that maintain standard quality, which can last for years without you replacing it every now and then. But how do they come about such quality ID cards which maintain high security, yet cost effective? This question has been ringing the mind of many people and now we are here to shed light on it.

There are a few elements necessary in plastic ID card production. Among the important elements are: name, security features, address and other necessary information. These and many more elements are important in an ID card and they should be included in the card during production process. Although it is possible to add those elements later, but the best practice is to include them at creation. One big advantage of including those elements at creation stage is that the template can also be used to create other cards.


ID card printers

How lamination enhance ID cards durability and security

As an added feature to enhance ID cards durability and security, lamination is very important in ID card creation. Lamination protect the card from liquids, dirt and other particles, and it makes the card more durable than the plain one. Even after years of production laminated ID cards remain as new because the lamination protect it from dust and also makes the card very difficult to tear. Without putting much emphasis on this, the life of ID cards is greatly extended by lamination, which helps prevent repeated production of ID cards within short period of time.

Plastic ID card printers and software

As stated in the title of the article, there are certain equipment and software needed to produce top quality ID cards with high security. Some of the software may be cheap, and a few of them may be extremely expensive, but all depend on the features that the software offers and the company that invent it. As maybe expected, high quality software from popular companies may be extremely expensive, but the cost may depend on added features that are optional for individual. Some of the added features are magnetic strips and fingerprints, which provide additional security for the card holder. If you decide to go for the cheaper software, then you should be expecting to miss on some features. In fact, some cheap software may print ID cards that are different from what they look like on the screen.

So if your aim is to produce ID cards that can last longer, yet reduce cost, then you need to consider printers and software that has more features than the default or cheap ones.

Using ID Card Printers to Create ID Cards In House

printersThere are various reasons why individual or organizations create their ID cards in house, and such decision is simply the best for whatever reasons behind it. Numerous organizations such as the military and government institutions where high security measures is a priority, each employee have to wear their ID card before they can access offices or restricted areas. In these organizations where confidential information need to be prevented from leaking into the public, in house ID card production with ID card printers seems to be the best option to keep data secure. To clear your doubt once and for all, in house ID card production are done with special ID card printers and software by a specialize person.

Advantages of in house ID card production

No doubt in house ID card production has some advantages, and the number one is security. If you are conscious about your personal information and you wish to prevent it from leaking into the public, then you need to create your ID card in house. Once the production is done inside a building where only authorized person can access, you should be sure that the template of the ID cards would never end up in the wrong hands and the data will remain secure. But if eventually your information leaked to the public, you can easily trace the culprit among the authorized persons who have access to the production room. In a situation where ID card production is awarded to a company, important information still remain with the company even after the ID cards have been handed over to the institutions.

The second prominent advantage is money. Although the cost of production may be high initially when the equipment is just procured and due to the wages of the person in charge, but the cost per every cards would be considerably lower than when the card is purchased elsewhere.

The number three advantages of in house ID card printing is flexibility of production. As the need for tweaking may arise anytime during the production, in house ID card production makes it possible for you to modify the card as you want. Although ID card companies also allow tweaking, but the ability to decide on your own at any time is the best.

Disadvantages of in house ID card production

Well, I agree there must be disadvantages whenever there’s advantages. But, in this case the advantages is pretty more than the disadvantages.

The major disadvantage of in house ID card production is skill and expatriate requirement. As we already know that special software and printers are involved in the production, so the need to recruit someone who’s well equipped with necessary skills to handle the process. If unfortunately the person in charge is not qualified to handle the production, the outcome may be less than acceptable and it may add additional cost. That aside, it may also lead to the damage of printers.

And if the person is skillful enough to handle the process, the salary will also increase, which again reduce the money saved and lengthen the recovering time on initial investment.